Elizabeth of York – a poem

Elizabeth didn’t have it easy, it has to be said,

Many uneasy nights she had in her royal bed,

Living through a time when war ravaged the land,

And putting up with a mother she could hardly stand,

It is probably fair to comment on the uniqueness of her life,

After all she was to the king, daughter, sister, niece and wife,

Her achievements though subtle were quite profound,

The greatest of which, made her quite renowned,

When this final symbol of York finally wed,

She joined her white rose with the Tudor red,

By all accounts the marriage was a success,

A happier time for Edward’s heiress,

Despite the old crone that was Henry’s mother,

Who though an adult she did smother,

Elizabeth was known for being gentle and kind,

A smile for all she could always find,

Especially for her children, two girls and two boys,

Who filled her life with happiness and the greatest joys,

And even after her untimely death,

Elizabeth lived on in her children’s breath,

For from the first Tudor Queen a dynasty was bred,

The famous of which, a boy with hair Tudor red.

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